AboutWhat is orangechat?Who are you?Why orangechat? Why is everything orange?Why should I use orangechat.io?RedditorsHow can I start using orangechat.io?How can I join rooms?Why are some rooms quiet?ModeratorsHow do I get orangechat.io for my subreddit?How do I get my room linked to an existing IRC channel?IRC linkWhat is it?Can I link to a different IRC network?Is orangechat just another IRC client?Can users on orangechat join other IRC channels?I’m not seeing all orangechat users in my IRC nicklist!How can I link my IRC channel to my new orangechat channel?OpensourceIs orangechat open source?PrivacyWhat information does orangechat.io collect about me?What about messages?

What is orangechat?

Orangechat.io is a webchat that integrates directly with reddit.com. You can use your reddit account to connect directly to chatrooms and chat with other users browsing your favorite subreddits.

Who are you?

We’re a small group of redditors who have been involved in reddit’s existing live chat community for years, including the developer of KiwiIRC and senior administrators of Snoonet, an IRC network that serves redditors. We're a small team, doing this in our free time out of a passion - it's not a product to make us rich.

Why orangechat? Why is everything orange?

We chose orange because it's the color that reddit uses for notifications - whether it's an envelope or a Snoo, orange means that someone wants to talk to you.

Why should I use orangechat.io?

Webchat is simpler - no need to register and no commands to memorize. Orangechat.io was made for reddit with input from redditors and moderators. By integrating with reddit, we can do some really neat things like letting subreddit moderators manage rooms and join mod-only chats immediately. With features like IRC integration, existing online communities can stay part of the conversation.

How can I start using orangechat.io?

If you're using Chrome or Firefox, we recommend checking out our browser extensions. These extensions let the chat embed directly on reddit.com so that you can chat with others while browsing your favorite subreddits.

If you are using another browser, accessing orangechat from your mobile, or would just prefer chat in a separate tab, we have a standalone version available. We are working on extensions for different browsers and mobile applications (iOS and Android), but until they're ready, the standalone app is a great place to be!

How can I join rooms?

Easy! Click in the search bar in the top right - it will load a list of the subreddit channels that you've subscribed to. You can also search for a subreddit. If you're using the extension, the current subreddit on reddit.com will also appear at the top of your subscribed subreddits list. When you first join orangechat.io you will automatically be joined to /r/orangechat so that we can help you with any issues or confusion.

Why are some rooms quiet?

While you can join any room you wish, chat rooms won't be very busy unless moderators have adopted orangechat.io for their subreddits and let subscribers know that it exists. If you're interested in having orangechat.io on one of your favorite subreddits, ask the modteam - or let us know. We are always happy to reach out.

How do I get orangechat.io for my subreddit?

Simple - just download our extension or visit our standalone app and join the channel associated with your subreddit. If you’re a moderator of the subreddit, you are automatically able to ban problematic users and join a moderator-only chat by clicking the “M” button.

A quick and handy link that you can share or even put in your subreddits sidebar lets people get to your chatroom in one click: https://app.orangechat.io/#/r/subreddit

How do I get my room linked to an existing IRC channel?

If you have an existing IRC channel on Snoonet you can join us in /r/orangechat or #orangechat and let us know which channel and subreddit you would like linked. Moderator-only channel on orangechat can also be linked to IRC channels! We will soon have an interface to let moderators link IRC channels to OC channels directly.

IRC link
What is it?

Orangechat.io has been working with the Snoonet IRC network to provide a seamless link between channels on both services. This helps many communities that have existing channels on IRC to grow to an audience not familiar with IRC.

Messages sent from IRC will be seen on orangechat with a * at the end of the username. Messages sent from orangechat will be seen on IRC with a * at the end of the username.

Can I link to a different IRC network?

Linking with IRC as seamlessly as we are trying to achieve is a difficult task. We are keeping the IRC network to a contained and familiar network to help keep the development easier. There are currently no plans to expand outside of Snoonet.

Is orangechat just another IRC client?

Orangechat is not an IRC client. The only part of IRC that is being used is syncing user messages from orangechat to IRC and vice versa. A small subset of IRC like commands may be supported in future such as /me but there are no plans to implement a fully functioning IRC client.

Can users on orangechat join other IRC channels?

No. Orangechat users can only join IRC channels that have been specifically linked to an orangechat channel.

I’m not seeing all orangechat users in my IRC nicklist!

One of the IRC pain points is growing a channel to support hundreds - if not thousands - of users. Most of the time only a small fraction of the users are actually active. Orangechat removes this problem entirely by only showing the active users on the IRC link.

How can I link my IRC channel to my new orangechat channel?

We’re currently testing out the new IRC link feature so you must ask an admin to have it linked. In #orangechat on the Snoonet IRC network, ask any admin with the @ symbol next to their nickname if you can link your channels.

Please provide the IRC channel name and the subreddit.

Is orangechat open source?

We’re big fans of open source projects and use them ourselves. We are currently getting a solid code base together and structured properly before we open source anything. We do plan on open sourcing as much as possible (including the front end) so that other may contribute or just to see what exactly we’re doing.

What information does orangechat.io collect about me?

When logging in to orangechat.io we use and store your reddit username and identifier provided from the reddit.com API. We will never read or see any security related information such as your password.

While using orangechat.io we may keep a record of the channels you enter so that we can provide channel suggestions in future.

What about messages?

All messages are sent over a fully encrypted connection (the same as your bank uses!) and only stored on our servers long enough to give users joining a chat a bit of context.

We don’t log chatrooms but please keep in mind that users in your rooms may keep their own records. Be cautious about disclosing any personal or sensitive information on the internet!